Why Escrow

Escrow gives customers peace of mind that their considerable investment will not be lost in the unlikely event of a depositor going out of business, or escrow can serve as the middle-man between you and your client to deliver assets to the client upon their payment to you.

All of these benefits will reassure your client that their investment in you and your assets is secure which will result in more signed contracts and business for you.



Vendors can establish an account within minutes and put products and associated files in escrow.


Customers can view their escrowed receivables and - once release conditions are met - download them hassle free.

Our Team

Markus Egger - Co-Chairman

Markus Egger is a well-known and influential technology leader and software developer. Markus is the founder of various businesses in the USA and Europe, such as EPS Software Corp., and Tower 48, Inc. Markus is also the founder and publisher of CODE Magazine, the leading independent publication for .NET developers and beyond.

Ellen Whitney - Co-Chairmann

Ellen Whitney has been involved software development since the early 1990's. In addition to Tower 48, she has owned and managed four other companies in her career.

Mike Yeager - President

A graduate of Rutgers University, Mike has owned and run successful software companies for most of his career.


Simon Ferguson - Technical Advisor

Simon is the Chief Technology Officer for a software company in Spring, Texas. In his capacity as Technical Advisor for Tower 48, Simon brings a wealth of experience gained from owning and operating several businesses throughout a varied career.

Pierce Adkins - Legal Advisor

Pierce Adkins represents a variety of large, publicly traded corporations and privately held companies as well as many individuals in a variety of state and federal litigation matters throughout the United States and abroad. Mr. Adkins received his law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.


5/5/5 Plan - $29.95 / month


  • Up to 5 Deposited Products
  • Up to 5 Beneficiaries
  • Up to 5GB of Storage

50/50/50 Plan - $249.95 / month


  • Up to 50 Deposited Products
  • Up to 50 Beneficiaries
  • Up to 50GB of Storage

Extended Services - $5 / month

  • Each Additional Product
  • Each Additional Beneficiary
  • Each Additional GB

Volume Pricing, Legal Consulting, Custom Contracts

Please email sales@Tower48.com


A $499 release fee applies to all contested requests for release.